Complete Imaging Center

Our state-of-the-art facilities assist patients for all their radiology-related needs. Whether the patient is taking the tests as prescribed by their doctors for prevention or diagnosis, our center is sure to provide quality services. We employ advanced technologies in conducting the tests and procedures with offers & coupons. As a leading medical institution, we maintain our reputation by following the codes and standards set by quality and operational standards of medical agencies. Our center is also open for patients seeking a second opinion.

Computer-Aided Mammograms

To support the fight against breast cancer, Radboud opens its facilities for women seeking to be tested to detect early signs of breast cancer. Breast cancer comes with almost no symptoms. Computer-aided mammograms can detect the smallest tumor formation before it turns to more serious illness.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

MRI uses a powerful magnet and radio waves to capture a cross-sectional image of internal organs and structures. It is a non-invasive tool that lets medical practitioners thoroughly examine the human body without cutting it open. MRI is so powerful and detailed, it can detect slight anomalies in the body, brain, and spinal cord.

Medical Ultrasound

Radboud provides medical ultrasound designed to examine vascular elastography and 3D cardiac segmentation and strain imaging. The tests may also cover urinary tract health and liver fibrosis, and liver fat assessment.

Other Clinical MR Requests

Other clinical MR requests can be done in the facility as long as the recommendation letter of your physician is provided considering all the aspects of your health and possible body reaction to the tests. The voucher codes are available for patients who are not covered by their health insurance.